Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midweek inspiration: It's your party after all


Temperature in the upper seventies, a bit of a breeze. Great
cumulus clouds pass slowly through the summer sky like
parade floats. And the slender grasses gather round you,
pressing forward, with exaggerated deference, whispering,
eager to catch a glimpse. It's your party after all. And it couldn't
be more perfect. Yet there's a nagging thought: you don't really
deserve all this attention, and that come October, there will be
a price to pay.
-Louis Jenkins

When I saw this poem featured just yesterday on The Writer's Almanac, it just fit so perfectly how my July feels. The picture is one my mom took, and featured on her 365 photo project (she's pretty talented, you should check her out).

I swear, though, I can already feel October in the morning air... which fills me with both delight and sadness.


  1. I saw that poem too...good connection with photo and words. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful post!

    ....(but secretly, I am BLISSED OUT at the idea of October- beginning of a new gardening season for us- rain stops - temperature drops.)

  3. There is nothing like the sky in Alberta... brings back a lot of memories of growing up there.


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