Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend info-gathering roundup #2

Pathetically fast weekend, wasn't it? I swear it was but a moment ago that I was looking forward to it, and now here we are (in the dark, no less, grrr on daylight savings time) on the other side. Sigh. There wasn't a great deal of time for reading this weekend, but when there were a few moments of quiet internet repose, here's what I found to be interesting:

A fun rundown of 10 "must have" cookbooks by the LATimes food critic Jonathan Gold.

An very interesting report about a recent example of publishing and copyright infringement... curious times we do live in. Interesting how crazy, seriously CRAZY, the interwebs get when the whole "up in arms" thing takes hold. One story turns into another story turns into 20 blog posts and 50 tweets and it just blossoms.

Speaking of "up in arms," our own local octopus controversy rages on, from Facebook to the local paper. There are the pro-octopus people. And the less so (scroll down until you feel condescended to. Then you'll know you're reading the right letter). Breathe people, breathe.

I did so want to see Due Date this weekend, but that was not to be... so I contented myself with reading about Zach Galifianakis' strange and curious humor, and we'll see the movie at some future time. I'm already looking forward to being simultaneously horrified and highly entertained.

Always find interesting stuff at Mashable... Here's an article on iPhone camera apps that could prove handy!

Socializing is possibly tied to insomnia? Hmmm.

I read a charming piece about a friendship that makes me want to write about one of my own dear friends, the kind of friend that sees you through the thick and thin, and you can write about the good and the bad you've been through together, 25 years later...

Thoroughly enjoyed an amazing photo essay called Ecolilia: A Father's Photographic Conversation with His Autistic Son. What a gift this father has given to his child--the gift of time and space to be himself. Beautiful.

A 14-year-old believes he has cracked the secret to the SAT essay. And it appears he's on to something... I'm sure we'll hear more about this story.

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you read anything interesting? Please share.


  1. Now what was the purpose of the octopus? Expectations were different than the actual. What type of paint did he can tell I am already suggesting a cover for it...something more WW and sophisticated and up-town! But it does get a amile.

  2. I love the photo of the octopus!
    Great photo. Put me in the pro camp. I think we need more art that makes us smile. And the rainbow... yes! Is it a spiritual symbol of promise from above... maybe success?

    It must be working. Look at all the attention he is getting. People in Canada and all parts of the world even know about his store!


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