Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Midweek inspiration: Mashups

O ne aspect to the current music "scene" that I have really come to enjoy are mashups. As made oh-so-popular by Glee, they've actually been around much longer, and there are various levels of sophistication to the combinations. Some of my favorites are done by DJ Earworm (his top 25 songs of the year are always entertaining), and recently I saw two previously unviewed (by me) mash-ups from him.

This first one is an amazing blend of Annie Lennox songs (see the list below). The striking aspect of single artist mashups is the potential for seamless transitions between songs, creating a completely new song. I know, I know, that's the essence of *any* mashup, but it's a special animal when featuring one artist. And then, to make it work not just from a music angle, but also the video, well, that's pretty cool.

* Why
* Walking on Broken Glass
* Little Bird
* No More I Love You’s
* Waiting in Vain
* Something So Right
* Dark Road
* Sing
* Shining Light

This second mashup features a mix of new and old; I really enjoy The Police and Kanye/The Fray... when would that ever happen? Probably not any time soon... Mix in a little Black Eyed Peas, even a bit of Alan Parsons Project... Actually, I really didn't get any Ammonia Avenue, at all. If you hear it and can tell me where it is in the video, that would be swell. Overall, though, enjoyable.

* The Fray, Heartless (Kanye West cover)
* Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow
* The Police, Message in a Bottle
* 2Pac, Dear Mama
* Alan Parsons Project, Ammonia Avenue

Sometimes inspiration comes via different venues... for me, seeing the creativity that goes into these productions, I get inspired.

Hope you enjoyed a little mixin' it up here on a fall Wednesday!

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  1. Very interesting...on the second mashup where you were looking for Amonia Avenue? Were the first bars of music of heavy beat...was that not Amonia Avenue? It just sounded so familiar.


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