Friday, November 5, 2010

Really, was it just one short (well, it felt kind of long...) week ago that we were birthday celebrating around here? Wow. Yes, that's all I've got. Wow.

My gratitude is overflowing tonight, for many things, but especially for:

My sweet men, who never fail to let me know I'm loved. How I got so lucky, I'm not quite sure. But I'll take it.

Amazing friends. Friends I can laugh with and even cry with... though I'm less fond of being the crier. I'd rather be the one patting the shoulder, giving the hugs... just sayin'. Thankful for friends who trek across mountain passes even when they're not well. Grateful for skype and for texts and for those who have my back.

The hay is up! I know, what's that about? Well, the last cutting of alfalfa has taken about a month to get up and off the ground. Crazy how long it's taken. But I'm thankful it's happened before the snow flies! (And the snow can fly any time now, just so you know. I'm ready. Don't shoot me.)

Fall flavors. Pomegranate seeds. Butternut squash. Pumpkin lattes. Butter tarts. Pot pie and mashed potatoes. I have been looking for pumpkin ice cream in the stores and coming up empty so far... I keep being assured that it's there... I guess I need another trip to the grocery store...

Fall colors. From leaves to the beautiful sunsets and even sunrises, it's a beautiful time of year. There was a sliver of a moon one morning when Seth and I were headed in to his crack 'o dawn basketball practice, and it was just shimmering above the mountains. Gorgeous.

Our community. Some weeks it can be a bit small-feeling, this town of ours. Other weeks it feels good, people looking out for each other. This was one of those weeks, the latter... thankfully.

That the election is over. Mostly so that our elected officials can go about the other, more important business of doing, not just campaigning. Ugh for campaigning.

It's been the kind of week, too, where the sweet animals among us need extra hugs. Dear friends said goodbye to their sweet family dog. Sleep well, dear Hannah. Makes me grateful for my frolicking and wild bunch...

Here are a couple of videos to add to your weekend peacefulness... in the pet category. This is the pet I think my Mom always wishes she could have had:

And this one just makes me laugh. Yeah for kitties everywhere, even the ones who seem to be too lazy to actually get down and dirty with their fights.

So thankful for a day of rest coming my way...

Hope your weekend brings you exactly what you need!

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