Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend info-gathering roundup

Weekends often afford a bit of extra time for reading and web surfing, especially now that the weather has turned a bit toward nasty... I thought I would occasionally (how nice and noncommittal of me!) share a bit of my ramblings around the web... some are a little light and fluffy, others more significant in thought...

How handwriting trains the brain. Apparently we should still be teaching our children to write cursive, even though they'll spend most of their writing lives clickety-clacking away on a keyboard...

Top 10 breast cancer myths.

Moby bought a book of Marilyn Monroe's poems, and he likes them. I follow him on Twitter; I think he's cool...

What makes good information design. This takes venn diagrams to a whole new level for me.

Women who rock and blog. It's going to take me while to look through this list, but there are some fun ones!

Douglas Coupland's somewhat (alright, he calls it radical) pessimistic view on the next 10 years... good stuff for a "realistic optimist" such as myself...

When choice means different things to different people, an interview. I really enjoyed listening to this, as well as a bit further down the page on arranged marriages. Food for thought.

A TED talk by Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy?

Why can't "older" women have long hair?

Home envy... take a look at this spectacular piece of real estate in Seattle.

Hope you had a great weekend! We were busy bees and would love another day to our weekend... how about you?

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  1. This should keep me busy for a minute or two...your father read to me about the grey-haired middle agers and long hair as I was going to sleep. Loved on to the rest. Oh, do love that design graph...that's about the way it is.


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