Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daybook procrastination

I really need to get going on my day, but it's a wee bit chilly outside for the yardwork I have planned, so I'm going to take a few minutes and fiddle with the daybook concept once again...

Outside my window... there is a great deal of sunshine. That is fabulous (sung in falsetto), from my perspective. The best part of fall in Walla Walla has arrived: sunshine, clear, cool, gorgeous. None of that silly heat from last week. (There is also, sadly, a dead bird that ran smack into our bedroom sliding doors, just outside my window... I must make time for a small bird funeral this morning.)

I am thinking... that I am in the mood for some new music. I've been trolling iTunes, discovering some new gems I will share soon. (See below for one fun addition to my playlist.)

I am thankful for... the turnout to a parent meeting we had last night. It was the biggest in years, and probably most positive as well. We have a new district superintendent who took the time to come meet with the parents, which to my memory has never happened before. I think he made a very good first impression and parents felt listened to. How great is that?

From the kitchen... I am going to pick a bunch of tomatoes this morning and make things... sauces and salsas and such. I've been roasting most the tomatoes I pick, and the flavor's been wonderful.

I am wearing... fuzzy yellow robe. I know, get up and get to it, Sher!

I am creating... peaceful happy places in my brain. It's giving me a headache.

I am going... to stay home ALL day today. I know that makes me sound like a hermit, but I'm really not. I just have a lot to do and it helps me to carve out a whole block of hours to get things done.

I am reading... don't ask. Same book as before. I need to crack it more than once a week. I have been reading too much online, and it wears out my eyes before I pick up a book...

I am hoping... Honestly, I'm kind of worn out from hoping at the moment. Shock, horror, I know. I'm just tired of hoping that sanity will prevail, that people will rise above their petty selves and find their inner grown up. It won't happen, I'm pretty sure of it. (Give me a minute or two and I'll put back on my optimistic underwear and be good to go. Just tired.)

I am hearing... Nick Hornby, Ben Folds and Pomplamoose. I dare you to listen to this, and NOT have "smoke your little smoke, drink your little drink, try to make sense of the things that you think" go through your head ALL day. I love this video, and this combination of people performing.

Around the house... there is plenty to do instead of going outside to do fall clean up, but it can wait... it must wait...

One of my favorite things... is that I can still get figs here locally; I know those days are numbered... Might cost me an arm and a leg, but I bought another batch yesterday, came home and made a fig and blue cheese sandwich on baguette. I know I shouldn't say that I ate it and forgot about life's worries for a minute, cuz then you'll just think I solve my problems with food. (Yeah, that hadn't crossed your mind for a minute, had it?!)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Lots and lots of work to do for one of the non-profits I volunteer with. We have interviewing to do for a new program manager, subcommittee meetings... good stuff, needs to be done...

Here is picture (or two...) for thought I am sharing... forgive the iPhone fuzziness... this bouquet is amazing! I want to grow dahlias like this... (thanks for letting me go all paparazzi on your flowers, G.)

If you would like to participate in the daybook joy as well, go here.


  1. As you created peaceful happy places in your mind you got a headache...hmmm...breathe deeply and may some peaceful happy places show up in your mind.

  2. I just read it all again and wondered if you have found new underwear (the optimistic kind) yet. It was a good smile you sent out here.

  3. Just did daybook for the first time. love it!

  4. Love that video. Buying Pomplamoose right now.

    Beautiful dahlias, too... ours are puny in comparison, but I'm dahlia-stupid so I didn't know what I was buying. Yeah, that's it.


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