Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

There's a storm coming in; it's heavy and hot outside, a wall of gray against the mountains, and rain in the forecast. Nice. It's about time to cool this place off...

Another week has passed quickly; the first week of school kinda rolls like that... and I wasn't even IN school! But I did learn a few things this week... and this week my gratefulness includes:

*Cooler nights. Shorter days.

*The neverending supply of basil streaming in from the garden.

*Squash, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes that are overflowing in their productivity as well.

*Seth's first week of school went really well. He's got buddies in all his classes, is thrilled to be in advanced algebra and already got assigned a trumpet solo in band. He was up until 9 p.m. doing homework last night, but that's more a testament to bad time management than amount of homework... he'll get his organizational groove on here soon... hopefully.

*Husband and I are headed into a quiet and relaxing weekend. If it rains, even more so! (Please rain. Please rain.)

*I have the energy for some major fall housecleaning. This house really needs it. I don't know who has been tracking dirt in from the garden (who, me?), but it's pretty dusty around here.

*Walla Walla has the glow of late summer, and it's beautiful. The wheat fields all have that buzz-cut look, and the dust makes for spectacular sunsets.

*I had quite the social days between yesterday and today, after a summer of relative hermitishness, and it wore me out! In a good way. Had lunch at a local favorite spot today, Creektown Cafe, where I haven't been in months. Had an amazing panini. Guess what, it had basil in it!

*Exchanged music with a gal-pal today, so the new infusion of tunes is bound to jazz up my coming week. I am grateful for people to share the music love with. Also still jamming to Owl City in my car, to and from school with the young lad.

*I posted this video on Facebook this week, but wanted to share it here too, for posterity! I love this stop-action style, and the message doesn't hurt either. Aw shucks.

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope yours is as good as mine--speaking optimistically, of course!


  1. Loved the video. Check this one out. Says transformation is always possible, I think.

    Also enjoying basil. My non-tomato eating hubby was gone last night, so I made a no-cook tomato sauce with basil that made me quite content.
    Have a lovely weekend. Yes, let it rain!

  2. yes, such a sweet video. thanks for sharing! and the photo of your summer salad...mmmm...and you know i don't even really like tomatoes.


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