Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

What a quick week, again. Being on vacation makes time really fly, don't you think? As opposed to the normal flying-by weeks...

The list is WAY long this week, but you'll indulge me, right? This week I'm thankful for:
*My men. To be on vacation with my two favorite guys is really lovely. I don't take that for granted at all.

*The ocean. (See picture above.)

*The sunshine. (See picture above.)

*The clouds. Even when it's gray and misty here, it's still wonderful.

*Apple cinnamon bread. And I'm not technically a bread girl. What up? The bread you see pictured above is from the Cannon Beach Bakery and it is a little slice of heaven. Or a big slice, if you could see how I've been cutting it. I picked up a loaf while I was in town one morning, thinking it looked a little like an apple fritter, but not fried... and I was spot on. A few loaves later (kid you not), we got one final loaf for breakfast tomorrow and then we'll cut ourselves off cold... I am bound and determined to figure out how to make this myself, though the very helpful girl at the bakery today offered to ship it to me. How helpful. Bad girl. Isn't shipping crack illegal?
*Sleep. Specifically, sleeping in. It gets later and later every morning... next week is going to be quite the jolt, to say the least. Not to mention the jolt of Aug. 25 for one young man...
*The next season of SYTYCD starts on Sept. 9. We made it through this season just splendidly, and while our favorites didn't win (that's nothing new), we were happy enough with the outcome, and will set the dvr for the start of season 6.5!
*Crocheting. So relaxing.
*Mani-pedis. Home-done, but effective.
*Massage. Not home-done, but again, effective. It was one of those sublime experiences where other than the words "hello," "goodbye," and "thank you, that was lovely," I was without words and completely content. How very unusual for me!
*Walking barefoot in the sand. Call me Zola Budd.
*Music. Seth found a new artist this week that we're enjoying, Owl City. I wish I could post the video to Fireflies, but apparently the embedding has been disabled... so check it out here.
*Blog surfing. Nothing like a little spare time to get caught up on all my favorites. Must recommend Oh Joy! Her website shows all kinds of beautiful things, and her blog will point you towards many an amazing online product. I was bookmarking all over the place!
*Reading. I wish I could say I made more progress with my reading list, but between Wii Sports Resort (I'm a rock star wakeboarder!) and my computer and getting caught up in things like James Bond marathons...
*Swimming. Good times dunking the young man.
*Tennis. Good times batting it around with all my men, Dad included!
*Cooler temps. I have loved the warmth of home, but this cooler weather is lovely too... husband laughed at me turning on the fireplace this week, but I was cozy and loving it!
*Looking forward to a couple of movies: Julie and Julia and (500) Days of Summer. I have been reading about both as they've approached their opening day (today for both!), and I'm eager as can be. Can't decide which one to see first. While Dad was out getting his first hole-in-one today at the Seaside Golf Course, the rest of us went to G-Force, which was cute and family-ish, with a number of laugh-out-loud lines. But next week I'm all about the girly movies... bring it on! Movies like this remind me that it IS still summer... for a few more minutes.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt made a music video to go with the movie, featuring a song, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" from She & Him's album, Volume One. They have talked a lot during the press for this movie about how nice it is to work with a friend, especially when filming a love story, and I think in this video you can see how much they enjoy working together and how comfortable they are with each other.

Happy weekend! May you find blessings around every turn in this coming week.

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