Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

I am somewhat chagrined to see that my last post was last Friday night... It has been a great week, with lots of good, fresh food and fun times, but I have posted nary a recipe. Sad but true. I need to work on that particular piece of discipline. I do. I will. Next week. Yes, that's the ticket. Next week.

But for this week, it's been a good one. Quick, but that goes without saying. The past couple of days husband and I have been in Seattle--work related for him, play related for me. And, as always, a week full of grateful moments.

*I'm grateful for one last shot at summer. I'm not going to complain about the heat (especially since we ran away to the other side of the mountains where it's 15 degrees cooler at least), since it's ALL going to be gone soon enough... The sunshine here in Seattle was just lovely; great weather for walking and talking!

*Grateful for a wonderful catch-up day with my sister-in-law yesterday... I think we solved almost ALL the problems of the world, don't you think, Kim? They just need to hand over health care and education to us, we'll find the best solutions, oh yes. We also had a wonderful lunch at Etta's, and pedicures at Julep. A fabulous day.

My fried chicken Thai salad, very yummy.

Kim and her burger. Doesn't she look impish? I love that smile!

*Grateful to be reminded of those wonderful days of wedding planning. I spent the evening with dear friend Kate, who is planning a wonderful Orcas Island affair for next summer, and I got to witness some beautiful dress trying-on, got a peek at the save-the-dates (and a wonderful paper store in Wallingford, Paper Delights), and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at an amazing restaurant, Tilth. (Whole other post coming about that meal. It was a most memorable experience filled with many Perfect Bites.) It is SO very good to see her in this happy planning bliss place--I am so glad she's found her "end of the aisle" guy!

*And last but not least catch-up from this trip was with my cousin Stephanie at the Seattle Gift Show just this morning. She is representing a NW card and gift company, and brought me a goodie bag of fun stuff, too. We've been facebook friends for quite awhile, but I haven't seen her since our grandma's funeral about 9 years ago, so this was a wonderful chance to catch up and see each other and plot family reunions! Watch out, relatives!

*Grateful for another wondeful sister-in-law who watches over our puppies and home while we're away. We're very blessed.

*Grateful for husband, and our great conversations on road trips. Always good to have some concentrated "us" time.

*I am also grateful that Seth comes home Monday and we get to start the school year off bright and early Tuesday morning.
*I'm grateful that we have had a wonderful summer, filled with a lot of great memories to look back on and appreciate.
*I'm grateful that following a fabulous summer, we have that wonderful season of Autumn-Turning-To-Holidays--fun, just so fun! Cooler days mean more indoor time, more creative time, more homemakey and crafty time. Yeah for that!
Here are a couple of wonderful musical discoveries from this week:
Ben Folds covering The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" with a bunch of guitar players and apparently some cell phones chiming in at the end. Again, late to the Ben Folds party but such a fan.

Who better to follow that up than our old friend Bobby McFerrin, demonstrating quite cleverly the universal understanding of the pentatonic scale. Pretty cool.

Happy weekend! Live it up.

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