Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Remember that TV show Blossom? Wow, that was a really strange show, in my faint memory. But they would always tease to it with: "Tonight, on a very special episode of Blossom," and I always wondered--but not enough to watch--what was so special? Anyway, for some reason tonight, I feel utterly compelled to begin thusly:

Tonight on a very special Blossom, Sherilee is thankful that (and now we switch to first person. Thankfully!):
* I didn't hurt anything too seriously (other than my pride) when I landed helter-skelter on my backside on the sidewalk. Ouch. Ice hurts. There's a rumor of snow this weekend, and that would make me very happy too. Snow would feel warm right about now.
* Seth is home and huggy. Yeah.
* The week is over. Yes, it's over! Restful weekend awaits.
* Extremely thankful that supper was this:

And this (rootbeer floats, if you can't tell!):

And a little family bonding around the dvd game Planet Earth. Quite fun. Who knew the lesser florican jumps up out of the grass to check out potential mates? It sounds plausible, but they could also be looking for predators, no?

* I am thankful that while it was a very historic week, and some people tried to upstage the inauguration by announcing a clean bill of health (you know who you are) on the world wide web, no one quite usurped the limelight like The Hat. The Hat got a lot of press this week. Check out an especially entertaining rundown of the magical properties of The Hat.

* I'm thankful for all things warm and cozy and home-related right now. It's a chilly 29 degrees out there; if I don't leave the house all the weekend I won't be surprised! There's food in the fridge, TV all lined up on the dvr, books on the bookshelf, ample internet access... why leave?

* I'm thankful for my mom and her encouraging and thoughtful emails throughout the week. It's a rare day I don't get a sweet little note. They always make my day better. Today I got a great quote from her:

Life is mostly froth and bubble.
Two things stand like stone,
Kindness in another’s trouble,
Courage in your own.
–Adam Lindsay Gordon

Kinda rings true, doesn't it? Happy weekend, peoples!


  1. Well, Blossom, it won't surprise you that I have several comments.
    1. Sorry to hear about your fall. I feel your pain, literally.
    2. Pizza looks delish.
    3. Usurper? As my nephew says, "Whatev." :)
    4. The link to the history of the hat--priceless!
    5. The poem/quote thing is nice, but it kinda reminds me of something Lewis Carroll would have written when/if he WASN'T on acid.

    P.S. How much does it drive your boys crazy that before they can eat anything you go "Wait! I need to arrange this beautifully and take eleventy pictures for my blog first!"

  2. Jen, the boys are sort of used to it... as long as I'm quick with whatever it is THEY are going to eat. I can take as long as I like if I'm shooting MY plate!

    OK, so usurper was a little strong on word choice, but I just kinda liked it! And maybe it's a testament to what good news it was! It almost distracted me from the hat!

  3. Soup looks wonderful and I bet that the green enchilada sauce is a great addition to the soup. Thanks for the recipes!!! Love any new idea I can get...especially from my favorite cook.


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