Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

First week home from Christmas vacation, and it actually went by fairly quickly... almost too quickly. Lots to do, not always enough time in the day. Especially not enough time to cook and then blog about it, alas. But long enough to pause and be thankful on a peaceful Friday evening.

* I'm grateful for sunshine, which has popped out the past couple of days.
* I'm grateful for Seth that he made the AAU basketball team, and that his legs aren't sore anymore from running lines at practice.
* I'm grateful that the sore throat I had Wednesday morning disappeared with only a few megadoses of vitamin C and Airborne. And that someone very sweet who lives with me brought me roses to cheer me in my sore throat funk.
* I'm grateful that the wind hasn't been horrific, just mildly disturbing a couple of nights. Sleep must reign supreme.
* I'm grateful that the dogs have only chewed up one dog bed in the garage this week. (I came home a couple of weeks ago to three--out of four--beds chewed up royally and I stitched them back up! And gave a wee lecture on the evils of chewing.)
* I'm grateful that Ma and Pa made it up the hill (they don't call it Heck Hill for nothing) to their house with chains and low gear on the truck.
* I'm grateful that a friend who had surgery this week is home and doing well and enjoying her supply of doctor-approved narcotics.
* I'm grateful for a world of creativity. OK-go is a band who sort-of made the big time by being invited to the VMAs a couple of years ago. The first video below was shot in one band member's parents' back yard, and his sister choreographed it. They went on to host a youtube contest and a couple hundred groups mimicked their dance, some eerily well. The second video is the one they featured on the VMAs. These guys are a hoot. (And the guy lip synching is not the lead singer. Freaked a friend of mine out who went to a concert expecting him to be singing. Nope, I think he's the bass player.) Anyway, Seth and I went through an OK-go phase, and I thought I'd share them with you...

Have a great weekend. Learn a new dance!

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  1. loving ok go! so much fun! keep singing a million ways...
    thanks -M


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