Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And away we go!

I have had many thoughts these past few weeks, even months, about what would nicely kick-start my little blogging endeavor... A month or so ago I made a bold statement to a girlfriend, Jennifer, when she oh-so-sweetly suggested I get some of my creative energy out in such a fashion: OK, I'll start on my birthday.

Well, here we are. 40. A nice round number. I have always liked 4; it's been my favorite number since childhood. Although with a zero tacked on, it takes on a whole other quality! But, no worries. Onward to the 40s. Let's go. If you know me, and I can't imagine you'd be reading this if you didn't, you know that motion is big with me. Forwards, sideways, sometimes even backwards, it's all much better than standing still.

So, a little kudos to my inspirations. First, I have to say that Shelby's blog, while currently gathering cobwebs (no pressure or anything, Shelb), has been entertaining and inspiring to me. It's been fun to be kept current in the Goerlitz Jr. family doings, and gain thoughtful insight into that wild mind of his through movie reviews, etc. And, he's been very encouraging of my potential foray into words online.

My other big inspiration is the aforementioned Jennifer, the Jennifer of college days that I somehow lost touch with post college. Reuniting via facebook last spring solidified that website as gold, at least for the moment. Her blog is one of my daily visits, and I enjoy reading what she's up to, where she finds humor and pathos in the current political debate, and I am just a sucker for the memes.... always one for sharing.

And, in a general way, food blogs have always been such fodder for my natural curiosity toward all things edible. The pictures, the recipes, the notes, the personalities that shine through the food. And the whole subculture has evolved so much over the past five years that I've been paying attention, it's been such a joy to watch the burgeoning of the "everyman" approach to food. I hope blogging about cooking/food/eating turns out to be as much fun as I think it will be. I can't imagine it won't.

So with those muses duly noted, my goal with "sweet tea and sunshine" is to get some of my lost cooking creativity out and documented consistently, as well as to keep in touch with family and friends and share some of the many things that make me grateful, daily. Where it goes from here... I am excited to find out.

I will welcome comments, of course, and recipes, ideas, musings, all those good things, please!


  1. Weeee! Happy Day, sweet sister! So excited for this...I added it to my google homepage. Now off I go to pester my man about those cobwebs.

  2. Dear Sherilee, So glad to be included in your blog friends. I love to read Shelb's page. Especially enjoy the pictures of his two little girls and hearing all about their family. So now I can look forward to reading about food instead of movies.Ha!!On my 40th birthday I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. I am glad that you don't have such a thing to look forward to today. Have an awesome birthday and God bless you lots!!Love from your old Auntie Sheila

  3. I actually said to Kim yesterday that HELLBOY was going to bring me out of my blogging mini-retirement.. now I have even more kicks in the bum..

    Looking forward to reading this *every day*.. Sweet!

  4. you shall always be my sweet "sunshine" friend even if you can't sing! Such a treat to be in your world - here's to the next 40 my dear...


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