Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun furniture, strange names

I love IKEA. There's nothing like that hazy, groggy feeling I get when I've wasted four hours wandering from table linens to futons to kitchen gadgets and around past the Scandanavian cafeteria to the as-is room and pick-up zone. I get tired just thinking of it. And yet, oddly energized...

But what's not to to like? IKEA has some very chic items and very happy prices. I have bought so many of the Billy bookcases over the years I should have a punch card! Buy 10, get one free, right?

But "Billy" is one of the more pronounceable (to my constrained English-speaking tongue) names that IKEA bestows on their furniture... there are many other gurgling, gutteral, vaguely Finnish-Swedish-sounding names that make me want to just point and say "that, I'll take that," except everything at IKEA is self-serve.

Imagine my delight in finding (well, actually, I was Stumbling around--see my website addictions in the right column) this little nugget online from Blogadilla, which turns your name into an IKEA product. Almost as good as that Sarah-Palin-child-naming trick that was getting posted all over the place last month.

Check it out and let me know what your namesake furniture is (not only do you get a name, you get to be an item). I am a bedside dresser called Sferylle (they don't give a pronunciation guide, but I'm thinking it's a bit like "feral" with an "s." Oh joy.


  1. This is awesome! I'm a chair called SVENRA. Victor is a bed called SVYKKTÅRD.

    I'm goin' with BILLY. :)

  2. So, I am GYNGÖRD, a stunning chair and pizza box combination? However, when two other family names resulted in the same, oddly shaped chair, I have to question the originality of this application!!

  3. Hey Ginger(ly)... I did the same for a few manly names around here and they had a very similar ring... so yes, there are limitations, apparently. But still, thanks for playing. And have a good weekend!

  4. I'm a very structured, not very soft, bed called Marylindord (with the obligatory 2 dots over the o).M


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