Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Ah, Friday night. Thanks for coming along, right on time! We all really seem to need you around here, especially this week. Actually, every week...

The thankful list this week includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The boy is home! Seth had a week filled with a trip, friend time, a lot of texting, hanging out... you know, the usuals for a 14-year-old boy... Always so so good to see him! (And I'm looking forward to putting him to work in the yard, too!)

I had a quick, safe road trip down to Portland to visit my friend Jen, and lunch with a few of her besties. It was a lovely time, and I'm glad I went; I'm so thankful for good friends. Jen and I have known each other since the summer of 1986. (We saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off on July 4, 1986. I thought you'd want to know. And it was raining. Really hard. So this weird weather we've been having? Maybe not so weird after all...) It's been great getting reconnected the past few years. God bless email. And texting. And Facebook (most days).

I'm grateful for the doggies. I haven't mentioned them in a bit, but I do adore them. Even when they bark in the night... they are always so glad to see me when I come out the back door to work in the yard, give them their morning bones, just say hello. They accompany me around the yard, watching over me as I pick flowers or strawberries. Chief loves to lay down near me and just watch me weed or whatever. He is especially "around" if I have a hose in my hands, for sure. He just loves a good water squirt!

I'm grateful for energy to get things done. I have definitely discovered I'm a morning person the past few years. Up and at 'em early, then chill out for lunch, maybe a siesta, and then get back at it. That is my ideal day... and I'm truly blessed to get to live a lot of days like that. But one of the keys for me is to get at it early. Zoom zoom.

I'm grateful for all the summer food. Nectarines, blueberries, the ever-present strawberries, asparagus, there's even a zucchini ready to pick from the garden! Basil is clippable, as are chives and mint and oregano. The potatoes are blooming, which seems hard to believe, and I've already replaced the radishes with okra. Here comes July with tomatoes and peppers and cabbages... yum.

I'm thankful for our home. It's not perfect, and this week it's not really even that clean... but it's ours and it's comfortable and it's ours.

This week, and every week, I'm grateful to live in a community where people step forward when needed and help each other out. Whether it's a common cause, or just a one-to-one interaction, I know this takes place every day, in small ways and in big ones too. This makes my heart very happy.

Last week I showed a few of the wordy Pinterest pieces that I was grateful for. This week I'm going to show the color. Here are a few images I've found recently that make me so glad to live in a colorful world.

And, of course, I wouldn't be ME if I didn't insert a little word into my color choices too... proving you CAN indeed have it all. Color + (the right) words = inspiration indeed!

Here's hoping your weekend brings you more rainbows than rain, and plenty to be grateful for.


  1. I look forward to reading this every Friday night, and join you in gratitude - especially for Chief, that finest of dogs.

  2. Colour is so wonderful... and far too often we just take it for granted. It was a really big deal when they figured out how to do colour photography. It was then a big deal to figure out how to have colour TV.

    Our world is so full of endless combinations of colours... flowers are just one example that illustrates the point. Today we will get to enjoy Butchart Gardens again, with cousin Doug and Suzan... another huge photo opportunity.


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