Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching you up on my wanderings online

Sunday night... and it's been a good weekend. A little rest (read: multiple naps on Saturday!), a little work (read: will have SORE muscles tomorrow) and a little social (Seth's very last Explorer end-of-school celebration). I'm tired, but also ready for the new week...

And, of course, still in a sharing mood. Lucky you! Here are a few things I've been collecting in my reader, to share...

I spotted an interesting blog post over at Swistle and had the best chuckles at the comments, especially (she gets LOTS of comments... they've been pouring in all weekend). The post is about silly fights inside marriage/relationships that no one else thinks make any sense. Oh wow, there were some doozies mentioned...

I was intrigued by the fight that got them going, as well as the Monty Hall problem, which she references as another "to 11" fight. I really hadn't heard about the Monty Hall problem... so I had to look around at that for a bit. Here's a visual explanation I liked:

I guess some people disagree (and think you should stick with your original door choice) so that's where the heated discussions take place. I can honestly say that husband and I haven't ever fought over anything statistical.

A friend posted on Facebook this week about what people regret the most on their death beds. Nothing too earth shattering, but still, good things to think about...

In the vein of my earlier post about getting 60 things done in the next 100 days, here's a day-by-day idea on getting and staying organized. I especially like #6 (start a donation station) and #9 (do a 10-minute tidy before bed). Might have to start utilizing those in a more regular way.

Chel over at gingerblue wrote a guest post on Bliss Habits, about gratitude. I really enjoyed it, and appreciate that everyone comes to gratitude in their own way.

A friend showed me the McSweeney's iPad app this past week, which reminded me about the site--I hadn't been there in a while. Check out the open letters section; pretty hilarious writing.

Etsy has spawned a bunch of little sites/businesses relative to the handmade industry, and a couple of new sites just caught my eye:
Quite Unique features sale items from Etsy.
Handmade Top 10 clusters together similarly themed items.

There was a big hoo-ha recently about a handmade artist's work getting copied by Urban Outfitters (well, that's a really simplified sentence about the issue, so read on!), and there are lots of opinions about it. Here are a couple of places to read up on it: Linda at tortagialla and Poppytalk (multiple links at the bottom of that post). I find the whole "what is original work" discussion quite interesting.

And for hoots, there is always Andy Ross. His little piece on getting ready for his iPad2 to be delivered is priceless. I can relate... iPads are pretty marvelous little creatures.

Hope your weekend was wonderful. I  had every intention of taking my camera out to the yard today to take some action weeding shots. Well, not really. I was going to take some pretty pansy shots, or pictures of our radishes, all in a row. Instead, I just got sweaty. But you know, I'm not going to complain. There have been precious few moments of being too warm this spring, so I'm just going to go with it, and keep my iced tea handy.

All that is to say, garden and flower shots: to come!


  1. I will readily admit my husband and I have had HEATED arguments over how we would spend the lottery, if we won it. Several heated arguments- I'm serious. It all so sort of stems back to our views about finances (I am very conservative, he is not) so there was a real root in there, but STILL!! We do fight about silly things- he's VERY mathematical so from time to time he will whip out some statisictis and I am very good at language so I can sort of explain things better. Oh well- most of the time we agree on things or are kind enough to the other to be open to a perspective shift, but when we're not in either of those place, it's like a showdown.

    The Monty Hall problem was *so* interesting- I never heard of that before. And I'm not entirely sure WHAT I think about it!

    It's very hot outside- I realized I needed to drink twice as much iced tea (always have my giant mug with me) so I'm chugging it all day. And not gardening as much, but still out there for quite a bit, which ultimately makes me edgy since it's SO hot. Need to start doing it in the morning...

  2. Chel: Our most heated moments have come when leaving on vacation--I somehow wait until the *very* last moment to decide to a) water the plants, b) take out the trash, or c) some other nonessential task, and thus add to the stress-meter in the room. It makes me very popular! Ha. When I read that Swistle post, I just couldn't believe some of those fights... not to sound superior, but MAN!

    Glad I'm not the only one who hadn't heard of the Monty Hall problem!

    And I will not complain about heat to YOU; I've been to Florida in the summer (going only from hotel room to conference room and back again, seriously) and the heat/humidity combo is just too much for me!


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