Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

This week I'm saying it (mostly) with pictures:

So grateful for my guys.

Thankful for the plentiful peonies, and how long they've lasted in the cool weather!

Thankful for the amazing scent of the mock orange. It stops me as I walk by the bush.

The wonderful contrast in the purple and orange pansies.
I'm grateful for fun color combinations in nature.

A wonderful first crop of strawberries. I'm grateful to have skipped the supermarket berries this year, and waited for that amazing flavor that only vine-ripened berries have.

Kale and lettuce and beets in their rows.
I'm grateful the bunnies don't seem to have discovered the garden... (famous last words!)

I'm grateful for volunteer squash plants (that I can't bring myself to pull up).
They're bigger than the starts we bought and planted weeks ago!

Potatoes in the foreground, onions, cabbages, beans and such in the back.
I'm grateful that even without sun, things are growing...

This is probably the tidiest (most weed-free) the garden will look all year. I'm thankful
I've been able to stay ahead of the weeds... so far. The brown patch is for where corn is supposed to go, but we've kind of decided it's so late that we won't bother this year...
(By the time we have good ears, we'll have frost. Nuts.)

Spring eating... I'm so grateful for the bountiful asparagus. I eat it almost every day!

More peonies and a little salvia too. I'm so grateful for the color.

Wishing you a weekend filled with color and spring-into-summer weather. And love, always wishing you love. And peace. And a good night's sleep... (wish that back for me, too, would you?)


  1. Wonderful, wonderful!!!! What a lovely photo of Alan and Seth. For you all we are grateful.

    And your garden is over the top! It looks so good. My garden is just now starting to grow but considering that I only planted most of it last week I am happy to report that everything is coming up and looking good.

    Have a lovely weekend you all.

  2. What a wonderful grateful photo story!
    There is something about nurturing a garden and flowers that is good for the soul.

    We are off early today for Victoria and will stay at a B & B tonight... going to an evening Imax tonight.

  3. Wow- what a beautiful entry.

    I wish for you MUCH deep and peaceful and restful sleep!!

  4. So lovely. All of it.

    You must tell me about the straw/mulch! Weeds are killing me.


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