Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday 13: 13 advent calendars... 1 for Thanksgiving and a dozen fun ideas for Christmas

I have always wanted an advent calendar, and yet, I've never bought one, made one, been given one... what's up with that? I hadn't thought of it much this year, and then happened upon the following countdown-to-Thanksgiving idea below (#1), and it got me thinking about other ways to count down to the holidays. I didn't run across any other Thanksgiving ideas, but the Christmas ones abound once you start looking!

Here are thirteen fun ways to look forward to the holidays. Mostly homemade, but if you need to purchase, #3 and #11 can accommodate:

1. This fun Thanksgiving advent calendar came from a fun craft web site/blog, Store & Style. I am definitely putting this on the craft calendar for next year!

2. Here's a fun advent calendar from another crafty blog I found recently. I would love opening up those little presents each day!

3. Paper Source has a fun option a la gingerbread house. I imagine that would be pretty easy to put together.

4. A homemade spool advent calendar, clever!

5. The list wouldn't be complete without a craft from Martha Stewart, would it? Here's her take on a photo advent calendar. I think it would be a lot prettier once you started adding the photos as the days go by. But a fun way to mark the holidays with remembering loved ones.

6. A pretty hanging calendar from a creative craft blogger.

7. From a dad's blog about parenting, here's a fun wall advent calendar. Something you can make with your kids...

8. Here's one I think I could manage--an envelope-style advent calendar. That's just about my speed!

And here's a colorful version of the envelope approach. Very pretty!

9. From a fun Scandinavian blog, here's a fun idea with lots of room for treats: the advent cones.

10. You know how handmade is all the rage right now? This advent calendar has a lovely homespun look to it. I love it!

11. If making it from scratch is not your bag, then let Garnet Hill take care of it for you! Here's an adorable way to countdown December: little hats or little buckets!

12. I found a fun photo gallery on Flickr of advent calendars that a young husband and wife made for each other over the years. Very cute. I think the coffee cup one is my favorite, though there are some other creative ones, too. I think you could fit some sweet love notes or trinkets and treats in those cups! A Starbucks gift card wouldn't hurt, either...

13. I think this one just might be my favorite. I love color, felt, embroidery and little stockings... this one has them all!

I hope these ideas have inspired you! May your countdown to the holidays be filled with fun and a little creativity.

For more Thursday 13s, visit here. Happy TT!

And a very happy Thanksgiving to you all! May your blessings be many in the coming year.


  1. What a great bunch of fun & creative ideas for an Advent Calendar! I agree the coffee cup one was cute, but I think I liked #6 the best though the colored envelopes would fit into my decor better!

    I posted 13 Things to do with LEFTOVER TURKEY! Practical or humorous - they all work, lol.

    Happy TT & T-day!

  2. Great ideas! I enjoyed reading these. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  3. Very creative list!
    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Advent calendars! How German! I love your list--beautiful selection. :)

  5. What a kewl 13 filled with fun holiday ideas! You're quite the creative one aren't you? I've shared 13 things at Sacred Ruminations and Small Reflections this week ... just because. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. What a brilliant idea! Thanks for putting all the links. got to check 'em out!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. I so loved advent calendars when I was a kid!


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