Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Peace. Quiet. No wind. Friday night... ahh.

What a week it has been! Sleepless nights with gale-force winds, then a little lull of quiet before, wham, the wind came back. But, we blew out of town (thankfully!) as the storm thundered on... Here's hoping the home-front is still standing when we return!

Tonight I'm grateful for my guys, that they can spend a day happily together while I'm in meetings, doing their "guy" things (ie. computers, book stores) and just hanging.

I'm thankful for the rain.

I'm especially grateful for good friends and the great laughs, stories and the camraderie we share. And to our teensy weensy writing group, I say: We did it! Month 1 and we all wrote somethin'. Whew. Now we can move past the fear of putting it out there, and maybe someday I'll even move past the autobiographical poem. Well, maybe.

I'm grateful to be on vacation with my guys, to look out at the week ahead and know that while it will be full of this and that, we'll be away, together, oh yeah!

This week brought my Pa's birthday and reminded me how grateful I am for him. I have learned so very much from him in my life, and I have a feeling I'm not done learning yet. I am thankful for all that he's taught me relative to work ethic, and how to make good work look beautiful too; he's especially artful at that. He's my role model on goal setting and determination and grit. Happy birthday, Pa. We're glad you're coming down to celebrate a good ol' U.S. Thanksgiving with us!

I spent the day today with one of the volunteer boards I'm on--this time with a state-wide group--and it was inspiring. I'm grateful for people who give of their time and resources in such a focused and dedicated way, bringing their work and life experience to the table for the betterment of children and families. The staff also inspire me with their passion and zeal, so consistently... glad to be involved.

I'm grateful for my iPhone, and the pictures I get from Hawaii right now. I'm jealous that I'm not there, just a little, but thanks for the laughs and the texts, dear Kim. And sick as it might be, I just love being able to check my email ANYwhere, ANYtime... mostly. So I can communicate with my other lovely sister-in-law about what medications which dogs need... sad, but true. I'm grateful for her, and the care she shows to all of us. I am blessed in the sister department, tis true.

I'm thankful for community, and the warm blanket of love that I see surround those in need, in times of great pain and sorrow. We have a local family who are dealing with a special dose of sadness right now, and though I'm not personally connected, I see enough to realize that they are loved and prayed for and with during this time--unlike anything I've ever witnessed before. It's beautiful and touching, and I can't help but believe they have found through their faith a way to make the best of a really horrible situation.

I'm thankful for sleep. Those nights of gale-force wind? Not so fun. But the peaceful nights without wind are precious, and lovely, and I intend to enjoy one of them tonight, yes I do!
I'm thankful for cheese. No kidding. I really am.
I'm grateful for my health, and the health of those closest to me. I don't take it for granted.
I'm very much grateful and thankful and cognizant of the season we are entering, and the symbolism it conjures. I love the magical qualities of Thanksgiving and Christmas and the idea that things can happen during this season that wouldn't be possible at other times of year: forgiveness, reconciliation, fence-mending, falling in love... Maybe I just remember fondly this season six (yes, count 'em SIX) years ago when a certain someone came to visit me at the catering kitchen... What's possible this year? Who can say... but I'm primed and ready for a miracle!

Sleep tight, all. Hope your weekend is as lovely as I intend for mine to be!!

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  1. The time has flown by and I just now read your grateful list for this past week. I cannot tell you often enough how grateful I am for your spirit of inspiration and delight in life! I humbly thank the Lord that you are a part of my life.


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