Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Oh that all weeks could be so filled with the things you want to do, not the things you need to do... vacation weeks do seem to be stacked toward the former, don't they? This one was no exception. And given that it was a week that celebrates thankfulness, you'd think I could rummage up a bit of it? No problemo with that.

*Tonight my thoughts are especially with a friend I'm grateful to have reconnected with this past year or so, through Facebook. We were tight our first year of college and then not so much, and lost track of each other in the intervening decades... but it's been a true joy to be back in touch. She got a diagnosis just today that will take more of her time and energy in the coming weeks and months than any already busy wife and mother should have to give, but I know she'll kick butt on this illness and do what's needed to continue on with her life. I love you bunches, Jen, and I'm here, whatever you need, whenever you need it. Thanks for the fun visit this week in Portland and for accommodating my spastic ADHD shopping style (and inability to leave The Container Store without a truckload of wrapping paper!). You're a true pal.

*I'm grateful my parents came to be with us for Thanksgiving, and that my mom and I have an enjoyable time together in the kitchen. When you're working with close spaces, it's nice to get along, as the hips bump!

*I'm grateful we've had good weather here at the coast, so we could get out for walks. Nothing helps with the oh-my-did-I-eat-too-much-again feeling like an afternoon constitutional!

*I'm grateful for a lovely four years of marriage, and for a wonderful time of year to have our anniversary. Everyone should plan their anniversary around a national holiday, I say. And everyone should try and marry someone as wonderful as I did! (That last one might be more difficult. I'm speaking from experience here...)

*I'm grateful for warm fires.

*I'm grateful for pomegranate seeds, especially when my dad does the mining for them! Thanks, Pa.

*I'm grateful my brother and sister-in-law and family got back safely from vacation, and for the yummy treats they brought back too! Anything macadamia nut goes over big around here.

*I'm grateful for the season that is upon us, and for the opportunities it gives us to reach outside ourselves just a little bit more than we might the rest of the year. To think about those who could use a little cheer, warmth or smile, and remember that the symbols of the season mean so much more than the 30% off signs at whatever retail purveyor you may frequent (for me today, it was Eddie Bauer, and yes, I did get a sweater that I'm pretty grateful for too!).

*I'm grateful that I can finally put up the Christmas tree without feeling like I'm rushing the holiday, and listen to all my favorite Christmas music too.

*I'm grateful for Thanksgiving leftovers. To fill my plate on day 2 with all the same stuff as the day before--and not have been in the kitchen all day! How great is that? It was very great, indeed. Next year I'm going to see if I can get to day 2 without having to do day 1... not sure that's entirely doable, but hey, it's worth a whirl.

*I'm grateful for the little discount bookstore we frequent when we come to the coast. It is filled with recent-run books at amazing prices! We all stock up and Seth's already read 4 books this trip, so it takes the sting out of shelling out for them, just a bit. I hit biographies and cookbooks today... yee-haw! Now let the reading begin.

*Especially grateful for laughter. We watched a couple of movies over the break and I have to say that "Four Christmases" with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon brought out the chuckles (and a few true laugh-out-loud moments) in all of us. The story might be lacking a bit, but the physical comedy makes up for it. And you'll be oh-so-thankful for YOUR family instead of any of their four, too. Truly.

A little Alison Krauss for your weekend... her music brings back happy memories for me.

Have a blessed weekend.

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