Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Small stone: Jan. 21

Belting out both sides of a Sheryl Crow-Sting duet while driving today, grateful for the suspension of disbelief that allows me to think a) I can sing, and b) no one knows what I'm up to in my little steel-glass bubble.

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  1. Ha! A few weeks ago, while biking to work, I was singing Christmas carols. Then I realized I *wasn't* in a steel-glass bubble -- and there were people around. Oops!

    But to pop *your* bubble: people can see into your car and see what you're up to. Sing like you mean it and people will be jealous. :-)

    1. Brent, while I was in Paris I was riding around on the top of a double decker bus with ear phones giving me the info of what I was seeing. They also played a lot of really cool songs in between. I realized I had been singing rather loudly when my sister and the man across the aisle smiled very broadly at me. I had been singing an old love song from my youth! There just happened to be tears running down my face at the same time. Paris was good!!


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