Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday night grateful list

I may nod off in the midst of writing, as tiredness has descended and I hear my pillow calling... If I trail off, just know that I'll be back, later... awake.

It's been a long week, but a good week. Bit by bit, getting things done. And, after all, it's the holidays. Can't say I've been zooming headlong into the holiday spirit, but I *did* get the tree up, and the minimum of household bling to celebrate the holidays.

It's been weirdly, bitterly cold for a number of days, but finally warmed up to "normal" today. Felt positively balmy. I'm grateful our furnace held up, that we have the stove to supplement the warmth, and most grateful that we're not at 4 degrees F anymore. That was too cold for me!

I'm very grateful tonight for my men; for their love and support, for our talks and laughter, and for our funny little quirky family moments. We make me smile.

I got a new doctor recently, and having a good chat with him during the intake made me very grateful for good medical care. 

The winter fruits have all arrived, and I'm grateful for them. I may not enjoy black grapes and pomegranates and mandarin oranges as much the summer fruits, but I still do enjoy them very much, and I'm glad that I don't have to rely on cold storage apples, bananas and navel oranges--though if those are your bag, more power to you.

I'm grateful for the warm fabrics of winter. This relates directly to the cold temperatures, but I'm not sure what I'd do without flannel pajamas, flannel sheets, fleece socks, tights, boots and sweaters. Next, you'll probably see me in fleece-lined jeans! Ha. I can only imagine how cuddly (if cuddly = hefty) I'd feel in fleece-lined anything!!

The pups have been super loving lately. Their sweet eyes and affectionate ways are so endearing. I have turned into the dog lady who tells stories about their pets, seriously. I was at a cookie exchange party last weekend, and yep, told dog stories to two friends for probably a half hour. Good grief. I guess it's probably a little obvious that I am grateful for our pups.

I was very grateful that for most of the cold snap it was very clear and sunny out. That makes a huge difference over having the fog and gray descend, definitely. There were many days when the image below was true:

Life is amazing, and I'm so glad to be in it. Someone came in to work a bit grumpy one morning this week and my cheerful retort was, "At least it's another day above ground." Took him a minute to get it, but he did. (And then I felt totally like my dad too--that's something he would have said. Ha. I guess it's true, you end up as your parents in the end... )

I hope your weekend is fabulous and warm!

(And hey, I stayed awake, no nodding off! Pretty awesome.)


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  1. So lovely to read your grateful list… happy, happy for you and your pups. Most happy for those men in your life.

    Oh yes, you know that LL Bean has flannel lined jeans, right? But there is no stretch in them. They do feel good.


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