Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thirty days of gratitude: Day 3

Today the word is tradition.

When I first thought of this word for this day, coffee came to mind! If there's a tradition in my life, that might be it! But then I read the definition of tradition, and it talked about passing down, usually from one generation to another, and well, coffee is not that. Coffee is more of a ritual, if I'm playing by the rules.

But John Deere? That's a tradition. It was the tractor of choice for my Grandpa Goerlitz, it is what my father drives on his property, and (as luck would have it) it's the farm vehicle of choice for my husband too. I love it.

Who knew a tractor choice could elicit such nostalgia?


  1. Very creative tradition… a very practical tradition and worthy of being passed on and on!

  2. love it. i think we all have hidden traditions.


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