Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

It never fails that when I feel used up and tired and not ready to think about gratitude, that's when it hits me how much I have to be grateful for.

I approached tonight with a bit of a drudgery in spirit. Long week. Good week, but it felt a bit like double the days, jammed into one week.

Then, I opened up Blogger, saw a blank page and knew it couldn't *just* be filled with images and other people's words tonight, that I needed to speak to my gratitude for everything I am blessed to be a part of on this planet.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to parent. I am nearing doneness (or rather, I suppose, Seth is) but there are still windows of conversation in which to influence and correct and be the wise old mom. (Ha.) I have loved being a parent every stage and step along the way, and I expect I will continue to enjoy it through the coming phases too. (Knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder, whatever brings good luck!)

I got to spend some time in the city with friends Jen and Lisa, and it was lovely. There was food, walking, talking, shopping and more food. I am grateful for friends, near and far, and the ability to catch up on everything from the important and deep to the truly mundane, and share our triumphs and challenges too.

This week I was reminded--well, really, I'm reminded of this every week--that I'm married to a man of character. That makes me glad.

Beauty seems to just seep into everything, this time of year. The colors are so rich and dark, I am tempted to pull out my iPhone and snap photos along the side of the road across pastures and fields, pretty much every day. I took this pic one morning this week:

And I was greeted by very similar skies on the way home too. Bookended by beauty, that day. Grateful.

In spite of--or maybe because of?--my desire to find my own words for the gratitude I feel, words appear around me, all the time, that remind of to stop, pause, be thankful. Just tonight, saw this posted on Facebook: "#BeTheOne who gives without remembering and receives without forgetting." What a great reminder. I think I need that tattooed somewhere.

There seems to be a lot of loss and sadness this time of year; not just this year, but every fall. Maybe it just goes with the territory--everything is decaying in nature, and this season of endings and the one approaching (holidays) bring out the emotion in people. And not just the good forgive-y and loving emotions, either. It reminds to be be a bit more patient with those around me. As well, it prompts me toward gratitude for the health and safety of my immediate family, while praying for health and healing for my extended family too.

 And so. This is my prayer, every day. (Even this bit of art has an autumnal feel, don't you think?)

I hope wherever you are, the weekend holds good things for you.


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  1. First of all I want to tell you how I love the background colour on your blog. At least, I love how it shows up on my Mac. Gorgeous golden mustard colour. Perfect for this time of year and perfect for my eye!

    Some weeks it is hard to get started on the Friday night blog, I know. But you always end up looking for the good where others only see hardness and pain. You have a grateful heart.

    Be well and may your new week start off and end with courage and comfort.


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