Friday, August 16, 2013

Total cop-out Friday night grateful moment

Remember last week's grateful list? In case you're not in the mood to scroll down, or are in a reader, or or or, here's the link.

Read down a bit about the sickness, blah blah blah, a lovely Buddha quote, some tripe about there always being something to be grateful for, a little sweetness about husband's birthday, the beautiful weather, and then there's the kicker:

I am so grateful I haven't gotten super-sick. (Knock on wood.)

Replace that with:
Even though this was probably one of the longest, sickest, most useless, frustrating and exhausting weeks I've ever had to endure, I'm glad to be eeking back toward some semblance of health. So much for knocking on wood, eh? A seven-day bout with fever, a wicked case of bronchitis, and more mediocre TV/movies than one brain really should be able to hold, and here we are, exactly one week later.

Cop out, and I'll take it. Hope you have a lovely weekend.



  1. And yet you still put a smile on my face... On the other hand, look at it this way, you are getting better. It is mostly behind you. Breathe deeply and enjoy the world you are going to see with new eyes as you reawaken to everything around you! Welcome back. Love and hugs and many kisses flying towards you!

  2. FEEL BETTER (and this isn't copping out because you still made it happen!)

  3. Listen sweet pea, you just need to take this opportunity to kick back and really get well before even thinking about going back to work.

    You need to see this as an opportunity stay away from the office for a while. When have you ever taken any sick days?

    So why not just milk this thing for all it's worth. Make sure you are 110% well before even thinking of going back to the office.


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