Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Midweek reminder: Deliver me

"Deliver me from all evildoers that talk nothing but sickness and failure. Grant me the companionship of men who think success and men who work for it. Loan me associates who cheerfully face the problems of a day and try hard to overcome them. Relieve me of all cynics and critics. Give me good health and the strength to be of real service to the world, and I'll get all that's good for me, and will give what's left to those who want it." -William Feather


  1. Sounds like a great prayer.

    Reminds me of a fun book I just read by James Altucher...

    "I Was Blind But Now I See."

    It is available online for free.

    He talks about not wasting time with crappy people. (Deliver me!)

    1. And...may none of us be counted among the crappy people! Big Smile!

  2. Great quote...I say 'Yes!' and 'Amen!'

  3. I wish it fit on a bumper sticker... I love it, and want to memorize it!


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