Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday 13: 13 things I love about fall

1. Putting on my jammies and robe early in the evening and somehow feeling like that's just fine. Do that in the summer and it seems very slackerish...

2. Hot drinks for the purpose of warming me up (not just waking me up!), inside and outside (hands around the mug).

3. Brisk temperatures. Not cold during the day yet, but brisk. I adore brisk.

4. Autumn light. It's leaner, thinner, the shadows longer. Awesome light.

5. Birthdays: mine and the boy's. Double awesome.

6. Less yard work. Triple awesome. I am very much over the yard by the first of October, true story.

7. Holiday anticipation.

8. More energy. It's like clockwork, the way my energy picks up in the fall and winter. I love being able to count on that.

9. Baking! And not worrying about the oven warming up the kitchen too much; in fact, looking forward to that fact.

10. Pumpkin in just about everything (that one is extra-specially put into the list for Jen, who does not understand the "pumpkin in just about everything" phenomenon. I'll take your share, dear one.)

11. All those shows that somehow don't have episodes in the summer (I find the whole "season" thing doesn't work for me in TV land, ha)--The Good Wife, Homeland, Castle, etc.--are back. That fits in with the jammies-early mentality I mentioned previously...

12. Craftiness gene gets switched back on. Related to the more energy and the less yard work... get out the yarn! Crochet hooks! Fall decorating!

13. Layers in clothes: cardigans, scarves, tights, boots, sweaters and coats! Some of my very favorite items.

I could go on for a bit longer, but I will hold myself to just 13 for now...

What is your favorite thing about fall? Give me more ammunition for my autumn love!

Thanks WWJen for this photo on FB yesterday--lovely!

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  1. Yay Fall! I'm with you. I love these things about the season too. Then I'd add the costumes, candy and carving for Halloween to my list.

  2. omg that shot with the light streaming down behind the leaves...STUNNING!!!

  3. I love everything about autumn - from my increased creativity/productivity to being able to wear my sweaters and hats and boots and coats and... Just everything! It's my favorite season, right along with winter. LOVE IT! :)

    Happy TT!

  4. October is a great month...probably the best of the year...Big Smile!

    Do you think it is the brisk air that perks you up? When we were in the Okanagan...similar weather to WW...I found that the hotter the summer the less energetic I was and saw a dramatic change in energy levels as soon as October 1 hit.

    I particularly love the yarns wrapped around the clothes pegs!

    Lovely, all around.

    1. I think there are a lot of factors to my increased energy, and I don't argue. I just take it and RUN with it!!


  5. That autumn photo is absolutely stunning! It looks like you did it in the back yard, eh?

    I find September and October very productive months... not too hot to work outside...

    and just gorgeous days with colourful leaves. Great post.

  6. I started reading this, knowing that PUMPKIN was bound to show up and surprised you put nine things before it... you and Kim F'n are punkin-crazy!! xoxo

    1. I didn't list in order of priority... some days pumpkin is No. 1! Ha.

  7. Best thing about October...the Yankees winning the World Series!

    And, bike rides along Technicolor-leaf-strewn roads are pretty spectacular too.

    1. So you're living in a state of hope right now then, Dan? I hope your Yankee dreams come true!

  8. Open windows. The beginning of fall/holiday celebrations. Gardening season begins. My soul wakes back up. Possibility. And Pumpkin Spice tea, which is *so* good. i succumbed to the whole "pumpkin everything" this year with my tea. And I'm so happy I did!

    1. Yeah for pumpkin in everything! I will have to give tea a whirl, since I definitely love pumpkin in coffee...


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