Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday night grateful list

There is so much in this world to be thankful for, every day. I saw the above list this week, and while each bullet point doesn't exactly speak to my life at *this moment* (ironing? Does anyone really iron their clothes any more?), it does capture the spirit of finding gratitude in the little things. The basics, I love the basics.

For me, this week, the basics were:
*Check-ins from Seth. We've changed up the routine for the young man a bit, and he's riding the bus home. It's taken a little getting used to (on his part), but he's adapted well (I think my telling him that at his age I took the city bus an hour to school... in the dark... and cold... helped a bit). He calls me when he's home and let's me know the homework and snack situation, and I can carry on and get a bit more done before I head home too.
*Sunshine. We have had some frost this week, but having the morning dawn crisp and clear is one of my favorite things about fall in Walla Walla. The sunshine has been awesome.
*My morning routines. (I told someone this week that when I wake up I get up--it's like one fluid motion, more or less, and very much in response to the alarm during this darkening season--and got a look like I must be nuts. Maybe I am?) I love my morning rituals of making breakfast and coffee and puttering in the kitchen.
*Connection. As humans, connecting seems to be the thing that we want most and also fail at most frequently. Our self-focus gets in the way, a lot. Perhaps that's why when it happens--when people are able to GET each other and the fact that we ALL have struggles and issues and imperfections--it is so meaningful. We're in this boat/world together, and that's a good thing.
*Words. Crafting words that can convey meaning is always something I enjoy. There are times I'm moving too fast to really take the time necessary to edit as I should, but lately I've been enjoying helping others find a way to present situations and challenges with words that aid in the acceptance of said situations and challenges. The turn of a phrase can make all the difference.
*Early evenings. That's my clever way of turning the infernal darkness of the fall/winter into a positive! No sunshine? Put on your jammies and make a cup of hot chocolate! Go to bed early! Make soup! Watch telly! There is something about the way the world hibernates a bit that gives me energy in other ways. Right now, I'll take it (and I'm loving it too)!
*A warm bed, a warm house, a specific warm body next to me. ;) Thanks for always warming my feet, husband.
*Health, for my family, myself, my friends. There's so much not-well in the world, I do thank God daily for health and safety, and don't take it for granted.

I hope your basics have been covered this week, and then some. What's on your grateful list?



  1. My dad used to tell me not to complain about paying taxes. At least it means you are making money.

  2. At this moment I am thankful for my pajamas, my comfy chair and ottoman out here on the lanai, the kitties and the birdies, my husband and my daughter, teateateatea, really good meals (lately I have been blissing out on dinnertime- no particular reason, I just love the feeling of sitting down with a big meal at the end of the day and taking the time to savor it), good television (we are addicted to Once Upon a Time and have been watching nightly to catch up. It's so much fun!), movies I'm excited to see, doing something creative every day, and CRISP APPLES. I love the apples right now. In fact, I'm going to go get one now!

    1. I'm a big apple fan too--nothing like apples and popcorn to transport me back to my childhood!

  3. Oh my goodness, I did not know that this was your blog!! I love this blog *so much*!! I made your cinnamon rolls last Christmas, and they immediately became a part of our annual Christmas baking musts!! Anyway...just wanted to say that you are precious, and I love your blog. And also - I'm thankful for:
    Jesus and His life for me; my fun and crazy and cheeky husband; my delightful and beautiful and cheeky daughter (!!!); the sunshine in Walla Walla; my faith community named Journey Church; and so much more!!

    1. Thanks, Heather! Looking forward to seeing you around the blogosphere! I sure enjoy keeping up with the cheeky Robinsons too; that little girl of yours melts my heart!

  4. I know this is a long time since Friday night but Friday night is not complete without a pop-over to your blog to see how your world is spinning...for you, I am thankful today (Tuesday) and all other days of the week.

    It does a mother's heart good to read other people's comments on your blog...real good.

    We have just come through Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada...I feel very blessed and spoiled and thankful to be so.

    God bless you.

  5. What's on your grateful list? Hmmm...I've been feeling down lately...probably the change in seasons, less light, etc. But I have been trying and have had the assorted grateful moments...and even some laughs, as in the video of Ralphy high on fudge and the fam picture, juggled LOL!


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