Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Midweek reminder: I'm a sap, in case you'd forgotten

I may have mentioned last year that I became a fan of the TV show Parenthood... I love the writing (Jason Katims, Friday Night Lights writer!), and I am a huge fan of Peter Krause (Six Feet Under! Sports Night!) and Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls!). But it is truly an ensemble cast, and I enjoyed the whole first season quite a bit.

I completely forgot it was coming back on this fall (I know, not a very attentive fan, huh?) and was pleasantly surprised to discover a few episodes stored up on Hulu+. A lovely surprise indeed. EXCEPT. I also forgot that I cry at EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Man, what a sap. How is it possible to have nothing AND yet everything in common with a group of people on the stinking television?

Bless you, Ron Howard.


  1. Oh dear...was it Seth's baby photo? After all, she sells coffee so she may sell her baby...

  2. By the way, you are not a sap. you are tender hearted.


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