Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Common Miracles, Week 24

 “Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.”
– Pema Chodron

Last week was a no-show for me with the Common Miracles project. That bummed me a bit; being a person of routines and grooves (bet you hadn't noticed that), when a groove is gotten out of, it saddens me... but, when the internet's down, the internet's down, right?! What are you going to do? I know, post from my iPad, but I have yet to really feel the love with that process, so let's just say the internet was down, OK?

Meanwhile, this week I'm back, and ready to roll with Week 24.

And I'm feeling the list form... common miracles abound!

Sunshine. There was a promise of freezing, or at least frost, so Seth and I hauled in a bunch of late produce yesterday afternoon, in the sunshine. I got so warm, I couldn't believe it was October. We picked eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes (a lot of them green...), potatoes, cucumbers... I was a little surprised at what all we unearthed! (And sure enough, this morning the world was frosted. Quite prettily, but it was indeed the first morning I said COLD! It's COLD.)

Pretty yarn that is fun to crochet. I'm on a little variegated jag at the moment...

An owl that sits on our highest roof peak and welcomes us home in the twilight. I love seeing Owen!

Beautiful autumn colors. While we certainly don't live in the most colorful part of the country by any means, there are still a few yellows and oranges and reds to liven up the landscape.

Being in the middle. I never thought I would really say YEAH for middle age (it just sounds soooooo boring), but just yesterday I witnessed some chutzpah of youth (no, not Seth--at least not this instance!), and some silliness a bit older than myself as well (no, Ma, not YOU), and I thought--boy, I'm glad to be where I am.

Small projects that you can start and finish quickly. I don't mind longer projects to chunk away at, but every once in awhile, the instant gratification of a quick project just feels so good!

Words. You know, the difference between the writing that makes you say "yeah, that!" and the other, where you shake your head... I love words. And I especially like them when they get put together in sentences that resonate.

Audiobooks. I am in love with the audiobook. Listening and doing something else too, at once? Yes, please. Guess who downloaded Steve Jobs yesterday, hot off the presses? That would be me. And who just about (well, kinda did) fell asleep listening to Timothy Keller's King's Cross with Seth last night? Yep. Me.

Sleep itself is such a beautiful miracle. Husband and I were talking about how we (well, maybe mostly I) wish you could build up a sleep bank, so that a big weekend of sleeping could take one through a week of less-that-stellar sleep... just doesn't seem to work that way. You can catch up, but to get ahead on sleep? What a dream!

Having the Common Miracle concept in mind as I go through my week is really helpful in seeing what's going on around me through more grateful eyes. The pause-and-reflect mindset embues even the smallest things--leaves, the breeze, my son's smile--with a new appreciation.

To see how the Common Miracles project started, visit Chel's blog.

And have a great day! If you haven't voted for my birthday treat yet, please do! I haven't done an official polling, but I think something hazelnut-y is in the works...it's a bit of a split between crepe cake and the icebox cake, so weigh in!

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  1. I am starting to REALLY appreciate getting older. I am definitely more mellow, more open, more "at ease" with the world. I look at teenage girls and literally feel oodles of pity for them for all the stress it takes to be young and to have to *care* about all that nonsense.

    Simplicity is good. For the holidays I am going to start forcing myself to do more projects that can be completed in a sitting. It's one of the reasons I don't jump into that much anymore, because I know it will take an investment of time, and I just don't have that to GIVE anymore. I want something I can sit down, engage in, have closure with, and get up knowing "I MADE something, I FINISHED this", etc. It's a good feeling- thank you for reminding me of it.


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