Saturday, November 3, 2012

Candyland list

Stumbled upon this list of candies in the days post-Halloween, and it made me laugh in its specificity--especially the "burn it with fire" category.

I am mostly "meh" about candy in general (I could relate to the blogger's sentiment that he was surprised to find he was ambivalent about a number of candies), and never simply pick up a candy bar at the grocery store for kicks... it takes something like a bowl of M&Ms sitting on someone's desk, or the platter of leftover Halloween candy on a counter at work to get me picking at it as I wander by. I discovered in the weeks prior to this Halloween that there was a bag of leftover Halloween candy in the cupboard... from what year, I can't say for sure. How does that happen?

In general, my sweet tooth has greatly diminished from my younger years; if I'm going to pick up something sweet, it will probably be for something other than candy (see Sweet Things section in recipe list to the right!).

Meanwhile, here's my rundown of the same candy list I referenced above. Go ahead and judge me for my Junior Mints and Pop Rocks--I certainly judged him (Cadbury Egg Cremes? Top Shelf? As if.).

Top shelf 
Heath bar
Junior Mints
Pop Rocks
Reese's peanut butter cup
Reese's pieces

I like this
Almond Joy
Gummi bears or worms
Hershey Bar
Hershey's Kiss
Jelly beans
JuJu Bes
Oh Henry
Pay Day
Smarties (both American and Canadian versions!)
Swedish Fish
Sweet Tarts
Werther's Original
York Peppermint Patties

Not bad/Not sure if I've had 
Andes Mints
100 GRAND Bar
5th Avenue
Atomic Fireball
Baby Ruth
Chunky Singles
Circus peanuts
Clark bar
Cow Tales
Good & Plenty
Hot Tamales
Krackel chocolate bar
Mary Jane
Mike and Ike
Milky Way
Mr. Goodbar
Now and Later
Peanut Butter Kisses
Pixie Stix
Sour Patch Kids
Sugar Daddy
Symphony Bar
Take Five
Three Musketeers

If I was starving 
Blow Pops
Candy cigarettes
Fun Dip
Jolly Ranchers
Laffy Taffy
Milk Duds
Ring Pops

Burn it with fire
Cadbury creme eggs
Necco wafers
Red Vines
Tootsie Rolls/Tootsie Roll pops
Wax lips

Eat once a year, but no more (I added this category to the original list)
Candy Canes

Worst candy in existence
Candy corn

How would your list run down? At the very least, tell me your favorite candy!


  1. I am TOTALLY with you on the candy corn abhorrence and it would have to take a zombie apocalypse to get me to eat a Tootsie Roll. :)

    I'm also not that much of a candy love, but I'd never turn down an Almond Joy...;)

    1. I'm amazed at how many stale M&Ms I've eaten lately... you know, that hidden stash of years-old Halloween candy. Go figure.

  2. My favorite candy changes frequently. Around Halloween it's Almond Joy, because my kids don't like them and give me all theirs from trick-or-treating. I do enjoy candy corn, but if someone were to burn it with fire I doubt I'd miss it much.

  3. Where is liquorice? Oh my, you cannot have a list without liquorice!!!

  4. I didn't see a couple of my favorites... Coffee Crisp and Turkish Delight.

    1. Silly me didn't edit the original list... next time Coffee Crisp and Big Turks will totally be on the list.

  5. Okay, this is a huge weird topic. When I was a kid, my parents were very strict about treats (thanks to a doctor who told them the less I weighed, the healthier my spine would be) so candy has become a bit of an obsession for me as an adult. I don't eat a lot of it- maybe a small piece a day, as a treat after lunch, but we always have a variety in the house. And I cycle it out constantly. It's funny because Tom and Gracie are big candy fans, but they don't eat more than a piece or so a day, if that. We just like having the candy, which sounds ridiculous. But I enjoy it, so whatever.

    Right now we're loving the fresh candy corn and especially the Mellowcreme Pumpkins. I also love the tiny packets of Twizzlers (perfect size!). I've always loved Hershey's Miniatures, but only really the chocolate and the Krackel. This year I was on a hunt for fresh mini boxes of Dots (they have to be super fresh or it's just like knawing on rubber) but we never found any. Oh, and small rolls of Smarties are great for spreading out during an afternoon as I crochet.

    As far as GOOD candy, I love a good piece of fudge. Not too creamy or soft- the kind that has the sharper edges and a little bit of crisp to the surface. Nommmmm....

    1. My parents (who have both commented above) were also at times quite restrictive about sweets. Luckily, time has mellowed them, and my sweet tooth comes and goes. I love hearing about your joy for sweets though! I think people like you are who candy is MADE for. I'm just a fair-weather enjoyer.

  6. Burn it with fire
    Cadbury creme eggs - agree! *shudder*
    Necco wafers - love! must be a New England thing (they used to make 'em here)
    Raisinets - adore! In fact, when we go to the movies, Dave buys me a box and we eat a couple with a handful of popcorn! Yum!
    Red Vines - I like strawberry licorice...but not that cherry kind or the round ones so if Red Vines are round, agree!
    Tootsie Rolls/Tootsie Roll pops - LOVE! Especially the pops...especially the orange ones!
    Wax lips - HAHAHA! Love to play with, don't like to eat.
    Whoppers - mmmm, another fav!

    1. Isn't it funny how individual our tastebuds are? Love it!


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