Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday night grateful moment: Happy

I have a confession. I had not heard the song "Happy" until tonight. I know, how insane is that? It's only been everywhere, all over the place, for ages. How I've missed it is a feat, it itself. And to top it off, I have even been gifted the song on a CD from one of my dear music friends. Somehow that one had not made it into my CD player in the car, quite yet. It will be asap, I swear!

It could be a tiny testament to how distractable I've been, I suppose, a version of busy that, for me, tends to sap my ability to read anything longer than a blog post or article. It's not pretty (in terms of concentration outside of work topics), and I think I need a reset button or digital sabbatical to undo some of my more wound-up tendencies, lately. Meditation, prayer, quiet time? Good thoughts, all.

Regardless, I feel the need to share the song tonight, even though this hasn't been the happiest of weeks. Let's just say it was one of those weeks where reminders of life's fragility felt close. I could list my own reasons for feeling fragile and you'd have yours too, surely. Everyone who reaches a certain age and has any kind of interaction with other humans on this planet knows loss and heartache on some level. I can't imagine it being otherwise. And the sweet part of the bittersweet is all the love, all the happy, all the warmth and joy that exists and that I get to experience daily. The bitter is what it is, just that. Sure makes me appreciate the sweet, and the happy. 

My home is warm, my tummy is full, the pups are dozing on the floor nearby. I can hear Seth's voice as he visits on the phone with his special lady friend (gosh, if he only read the blog, imagine how annoyed he'd be with that phrase?!) in the other room. Husband and I share snippets of conversation and I am thrilled with the two days ahead, where the break in the routine is definitely welcome. I am very grateful for all of the above. Very much so, tonight.

Wishing you the same.


  1. First of all, I want to cry, maybe as a sign of solidarity, maybe because I too need to, for a variety of reasons/issues, but mostly because I do not want to see you hurting anytime, anywhere, anyhow. I know hurt is a part of life and I accept that you, as a grown woman, have seen your share of what is out there. But... as your mother I have been thinking of the fine line there is in mother/child relationships where it is either too much 'there' or not enough 'there'. Hmmm... sigh.

    And then you come up with this delightful little video. Enormously delightful!! I want to dance with these people. I want someone to turn the key and unlock my huge desire to dance like that... and it will happen!

    Have a lovely restful day. Love and hugs to you and yours.

  2. Further to the video... there is one thing to hear it but to see those people dancing... that is another. :) too bad you cannot put the video on your CD.


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