Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday morning inspiration: Lottsa video

My weekend gardening stints are usually accompanied by some sort of chatter on the iPod, whether an audio book (I swear I just about typed "book on tape." How's that for admitting my age?!) or some comedy off Pandora, or a podcast.

Lately I've been alternating between Mitch Joel's Twist Image podcast, and the NPR Pop Culture Hour podcast. I highly recommend both, though of course they are quite different. Mitch is all about tech/social and interesting interviews, and the round table hi-jinks over at NPR can range from discussion about the passing of Jean Stapleton as it relates to the evolution of TV wife/mom characters, to the differences between the various Iron Man movies, and the universal appeal of Robert Downey, Jr.

Today on one of the podcasts I listened to with the NPR group, they referenced the following video, which I already had in my drafts to share as inspiring. This video really did have 223 takes, and they pieced the audio together--a mighty little feat. It's a great deal of fun, be sure to watch all the way through, the elevator scene toward the end is one of my favorite bits, as well as the outtakes at the end. Does OK Go ever disappoint? I think not.

I can't remember where I stumbled across this story, but it sat in a "to read" tab in my browser for a while before I had a moment to tune in. A powerful story of recovery and the human will. And a few other things, but those come through loud and clear. I would like to know where this guy is in five years, or 10. That article touches on some of the larger issues, but time will tell how running and faith and recovery all intersect for this man.

And lastly, this little guy. He's a dear one. Enjoy.

I hope your week is off to a great start after a fabulous weekend! I'm going to step out and say mine is! Just putting it out there, Universe. Make it so!


  1. I don't want to like OK Go, but how can I not? And that Ethan thing -- got a meeting in 5 min and can't be crying on a Monday afternoon. damn.

  2. Dude, you're such a contrarian! OK Go is so awesome, always were awesome, even before--and yes, Seth and I were dancing to A Million Ways before the VMAs--they hit it "big."

    As for Ethan, well... he doesn't need the VMAs. He's just cool. (Lump in throat.)


  3. there's no way I'm a contrarian.


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