Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday 13 randomness

This truly fits my week: Random.

1. Enjoyed a long-awaited lunch with some girlfriends yesterday, who hooked me up (in the best possible way) with another local blogger who I had only met "online" until then. We had a blast chatting and laughing away the afternoon until I had to go back to work... probably should not have checked email at the end there. Grrr.

 This is Lisa, a fabulous local blogger, and I. Check her out!

2. Meanwhile, I have this to say about the 7 Habits I posted yesterday. Read them. Live them. You'll probably whine less about a lot of things, just sayin'. And by you, I mean me. (And I mean you too.)

3. There was once a theory floated by a certain former S.O. that I do not possess an excess of empathy. But, then I took a rather extensive personality test, which refuted that notion and I have basked in my expansive, empathic nature ever since. Then, more recently, I took the StrengthsFinder test and found out I'm Responsible. That's my No. 1 trait. With a capital R. Who knew? (Not me.)

4. Our lovely neighbors, the Norris family, have a baby goat. I went and visited the other afternoon and was treated to some hopping and skipping around. Precious Lily.

 5. I find myself very amusing when I'm mad/pissed/annoyed, like great humor is just rolling off my tongue. However, I don't think that's a universally held belief in my household...

6. Meanwhile, a confession: I watch Real Housewives of NYC and that I think Ramona is completely cuckoo for cocoapuffs. Loopers. Gonza. Whackadoodle. I know, you're still reeling from the idea that I watch trash TV, but I'm sure you'll get over it. (I used to watch The Love Boat.) This is how I'm able to reassure husband that I'm low maintenance. (Yes, because the spectrum is Ramona to me, no middle ground. Makes perfect sense to me.)

7. I'm in need of my second cup of coffee... My randomness is waning. Oh, wait. I wore a hand-me-down dress from my Grandma yesterday (you can see it in the picture above). And felt the need to share that fact with, oh, every single person I saw. Over-sharer, who? Yes, I share the style sense of a 93-year-old... well, probably not. That dress MUST have arrived in her closet via an aunt or my mom, and I'm not sure she ever wore it. But still, made a great story.

8. I need a better self-censor. Occasionally, things fly out of my mouth that should. NOT. Maybe a two-second delay on the dubbing of my life? Now there's some technology I could get behind.

9. Speaking of Marissa Mayer... Oh wait, we weren't. We were talking about technology. I have a bit of a girl crush right now. It started when I was reading I'm Feeling Lucky, the story of the 59th Google employee (who was NOT Marissa Mayer, of course. She was the 20th hire.). Anyway, Marissa is mentioned a lot in the book and comes off as quite competent, opinionated, hard working and loyal. So when I heard, within hours of finishing the book, that she was going to Yahoo as CEO, I took it upon myself to read as much about her as I could. Hence, girl crush. She kinda rocks. I hope she is able to do good things at Yahoo, who I really can't remember using a service of. Ever.

10. The apricots are ripening, but an odd thing is that they look--from a distance--much riper than they are. I pick a few, and they aren't nearly as "done" as I initially imagine, looking up at the tree. I say that, and of course a 100-degree day will come along and BOOM, they'll all be on the ground. True story.

11. Do your feet swell up in the heat? Me too.

12. I alternate between wishing I didn't need sleep, and wishing I could sleep for days. Hmm. Maybe I should try for a good eight hours as a compromise. Brilliant thinking!

13. July 19. Not a bad place to be, for a mom who is counting the days until July is o.v.e.r.

Hope your July is going well! Happy Thursday.

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  1. Loved this! Very high energy and fun. The only thing I ever use of yahoo is yahoo groups.

  2. Oh, I want to try the strength finder site. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. Goats crack me up. They are kinda cute.

    Have a great T-13!

  4. Very good...very funny. You made Mother's day when you took that dress off her hands...she loves giving everything away, like no one I know!

    Thank you so much for the out loud laugh and lots of smiles today.

  5. Lily is adorable! I've been on my own these past couple days, Dave took his grandson camping :-) I find myself staying up much later than I have been with Dave (I used to stay up til 11-12 or so, but with him getting up at 430 that's not the best idea) and getting a more restful night's sleep.

  6. Lunch was the best! And I loved your dress too--and sleeping, and about a hundred million other random things. You must possess superpowers to keep it to thirteen...;)

  7. I am a huge fan of the random thought and I loved this post : ) #6 made perfect sense to me and I use a similar logic.

    Happy Weekend!

  8. what could be me more random than your juxtaposition of #3 and #6? nicely done.

    the Mayer-mania kicked up some remembrances of two strong female bosses I've had. One net positive for me, the other not so much. Hmmm.. I guess I couldn't see myself looking for a job at Yahoo but I do wish Meg Whitman Jr. luck in bringing focus and some kind of business discipline to that place..

  9. That fabric is SO cool- I saw the picture and thought it would make an EXCELLENT color palette for beads. So cool that it's your grandma's dress!

    Empathy is interesting- I think there's a fine line between being caring and being a total enabler. I'm often told I'm a little too hard, but I'm very hard on MYSELF (and I shudder to think how my life/health would have went if I weren't) so it's just my way of saying "I see something really amazing in you, don't give up!"

    And Responsible is good. I'm all about that. Which would SHOCK my very nasty and mean third grade teacher who made me think for years I was unorganized, sloppy, and totally a disaster (all because of my terrible handwriting, which is made that way because of my neurological disease, which I found out a few years later.) <--- How's that for random?!

  10. Your number 8 is called the "lack of brain/mouth filter" at our house. I am often lacking in said filter! 0_o


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