Sunday, November 13, 2011

Granny squares completed

The hexagon Granny square project has been done for some time! As you can see, it was lovely and green-grassy out way back when I took these pictures. But for some reason, the pictures got a little lost in my computer kerfluffles of the past few months and I just recently unearthed them.

The original project I found at Attic24, a delightful crochet blog, and the hexagon tutorial there was really quite helpful. Since I hadn't done a join-as-you-go project before, I took the longer route and chose to join the hexagons once completed. So, my overall look is a bit different than hers, but I like the way the black makes all the colors pop. If and when I do the project again, I think I will work the hexagons together as I go, and maybe even bring the colors down from 16 to maybe even just 4 or 8 for a more monochromatic look (as in, maybe all shades of blue, or green, or something like that). I know, how unlike me, to limit the colors! Well, we'll see...

Once I got all the hexagons done, I laid them out on the floor and was able to move them around until I liked the arrangement--didn't want any similar blocks too near to each other, of course. That step alone, of joining the blocks, took quite a while and wasn't nearly as pleasant as crocheting the hexis themselves, so I am rather looking forward to trying out the join-as-you-go method!

I donated the finished piece to the local Humane Society, for a silent auction they had at a fundraiser recently. I was happy to support the puppies and kitties, and I think the "cozy throw," as they called it in the auction materials, went to a good home!

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  1. OH WOW- my goodness, that is SO beautiful!! WOW!

    And you have a new blog banner? I have your feed in my newsreader (in my "READ RIGHT AWAY") and so sometimes I just leave a comment via newsreader, but today I decided to pop over. It's lovely!


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