Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

 For dear friend Sara, who lost a kitty friend this week. source

This week has been such a blur that it was with a bit of a jolt that I just realized that it IS indeed Friday night. Whoosh. (And this is after the traditional Friday night haystacks dinner, so you really know I'm a bit kerfluffled if that's the case.)

But darn if I'm going to let this tradition slide. I'll be scrawling my grateful list as I'm carted off to the looney bin, I'm pretty sure of that!

*A week with Seth around? Always a good week. So he's right at the top of the grateful list.

*And husband, sweet husband. Tis true that every week with him in it is remarkable as well... he is indeed my Valentine. I am very thankful for his true love ways.

*I'm thankful for old friends. I had coffee with a friend from high school today. We weren't particularly close in high school, but reconnected at our 20th reunion and via Facebook and it was so nice to sit down and see that we have much in common in our thinking and responding to the universe. I truly could have visited with you for hours, Shari. Thanks for making the time.

*I'm thankful for new friends. Well, not new new. But newer than 25 years! Had my girly lunch group today, going on a couple-few years with this particular clan and they each brighten my day in their own unique way. I am blessed.

*And lest my bases not be completely covered, I'm grateful for ALL my friends. Near, far, wherever you are. (Tell me I'm not the only one who finds that funny?) Email, text, phone, in-person visits, Beth Moore study gals, neighbors... and FAMILY. Grateful to bits and pieces for my family. I realize how blessed I am, every day, to have my family safe, healthy and happy. My little family here with our dear extra family 20 acres over... my parents on Mayne Island... brother and family on their own island (what is it with Goerlitz's and islands?)... aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces... when you add it all up, it is quite the wild bunch of people. I'm grateful for you all.

*I'm grateful for the sunshine. What a jolt of loveliness we had this week with a couple of sunny--really almost blinding!--days. A true treat, and a promise of spring to come. 

*I'm grateful that the house is back to normal and that we can focus on anything other than THAT dang leak from last fall. I still have PTSD when I hear water running... (I'm not making light of post-traumatic stress, really I'm not. But the heart racing, where is the water running, what will be ruined? That's real. Crimeny.)

*I'm grateful for reminders (see below). Some days I feel like I am reminded and reminded and reminded, and still I have to work at being outside of myself, thinking beyond myself. Dang it, such work for some of us kittens. Yes, kittens on the brain tonight...

*I am also grateful for a more sentimental kind of reminder... My mom posted a sweet picture of Seth and Grandpa on her blog this week. It brought back some happy memories of those early Seth days... The picture below is not Seth, of course, but when I saw it this week I instantly thought of the many hours Seth spent in his Halloween panda costume, watching National Geographic's panda video... very sweet and sentimental memories indeed. (I was thinking ahead to Seth freaking out about me posting a picture of him in his panda costume... so think Seth's face, that outfit.)

 *I am grateful for humor. I love to laugh, and I am grateful to anyone who can make me laugh. I am also grateful when I have the good sense to be able to laugh at myself and not take everything So. Pathetically. Seriously. I learned a new phrase just last night: Extra Grace Required. This is useful when referring to someone with whom you may have a personality conflict or, frankly, who is just plain irritating. They are an EGR person. I have a feeling I will be using this one frequently, especially on those days when I am taking myself too seriously!

*I am grateful for technology. From my new iPhone to RSS feeds to Tumblr to Etsy to... the list is long. And it's amazing how "behind" one can feel if you step out of the fray for a day or two or three to actually get something accomplished... like crochet... Loving the colors, the yarn, the accomplishment that granny squares can impart. I will take pictures and share soon, really.

*I am grateful for the weekend. For the peace, quiet, worship and rest it will bring. For rejuvenation for husband, for chill time with Seth (and for Seth with his buddy), and for some fun cooking projects I'm pondering for Valentine's too. (I'll keep you posted on that!).

Peace to you and yours. xo


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  2. I am so grateful that you are faithful in the tradition posting your grateful list every Friday evening. May your tribe increase.

    I just now stumbled onto Good List Daily and was grateful to see your name on the list of contributors.

    It was really good to be reminded of Seth in his Panda suit... good memories! I think grateful people take more photos and get a lot more out of life.

    I am grateful to be married to the ultimate "Good Finder." The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

  3. This past week I have made a major dent in the photo sorting business of life...and just yesterday seemed to be Seth Day. I said to myself, Sherilee has had so many wonderful moments with that boy. Well, of course, I have too but the number of photos of 'moments' is staggering. Wish I would have had a camera when you and your brother were little. If someone would have come upon me going through the photos yesterday they would have seen this huge grin on my face, and then a wimper of delight, and then even a tear or two but mostly big grins.

  4. Just returned home and catching up on my emails/reading...and what a sweet surprise to find that I'm mentioned in your "grateful list!" I'm sincerely honored. YOU are on my grateful list, indeed, Sher! So happy to have made that memory with you on Friday - thank you for reserving a bit of time out of your busy morning for me. So refreshing to find that you still radiate that sunny spirit you had in high school - and that your smart, creative talents and genuine compassion are making an impact in the lives of others near and far. God bless you, dear friend! You are beautiful. ~Shari

  5. Oh how I wish I wasn't allergic to cats. I would get one in a heartbeat -with my dog's permission of course!


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