Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday night comes around, even on grumpy weeks, or hard weeks, or boring weeks (not that this was any one of those weeks... well, maybe a little bit grumpy, a tiny bit hard, but in no way was it boring). But, it doesn't seem to take too long to get under the surface of that other stuff and find the grateful.

*I'm grateful for breath. For breathing in and breathing out, and maybe even having the good sense to make them deep breaths on occasion. For the ability to still push my body to do things it doesn't want to do, and for the wisdom (that comes with age, it seems) to know when to back off, too.

*I'm grateful for the ability to articulate my thoughts and feelings, and be understood by others (mostly). I am sad for those who are frustrated in communication--I think I understand how tough that could be.

*I'm blessed by so much love. And I'm grateful for that!

*I'm grateful for all my senses. Fall is such a great season for reawakening the senses; everything feels really clear and crisp, even as it's dying. Go figure. But after the muted sensations of summer--all that heat, for me at least--I love the cool air, the colors turning, the energy.

*I'm grateful for every moment with each of my loved ones. And I don't take it for granted. I try to leave my men every day with kind words and kisses, not knowing what the day will bring.

*I'm grateful to live in a community filled with people who care.

*I'm grateful for all kinds of communications, to keep in touch. Phone, email, texting, skype, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter. It's amazing.

*I'm grateful for peace in the morning. A sunrise can cure so many worries that plague in the dark.

*I'm grateful to have friends who listen when I need to vent/rant. And I'm thrilled to be a friend who is available for reciprocal venting/ranting as well.

*I'm grateful for olive oil. Really *good* olive oil. I roasted my artichokes in them tonight, and oh that flavor adds so much.

*I'm grateful for humor. For laughter and giggles and chortles and those little sighs that follow a good laugh session. Even dark humor is good to have, when no other kind will do!

*Speaking of laughter, I'm grateful for Jim Gaffigan. Seth and I listened to him on our way back from the cross-country meet this week. Chortle, definitely. I'm a big fan of the bear segment around 2:20.

*I'm so grateful for the color orange. So cheerful, warm, energetic.  (And, I know, surprising. Trying to break up all the green love!)

*I'm grateful for figs (again and always). Had a serendipitous burst of fig activity this week and practically overdosed. Holla!

*So grateful for the weekend. For a little quiet time with husband, for extra sleep, for maybe even a nap (or two). For peace.

*I'm grateful for joy. And love. And celebrations. If you feel like you've been missing out on any of those things, watch this video for a hefty dose of all three.

What a great way to start the weekend! L'chaim!


  1. Every time I open up your blog I see those darn cinnamon rolls and they just got to me...I had to have cinnamon rolls. Oh, they were so good.

    That wedding video is superb, over the top and a great favorite with me.

    And as usual I am thankful for your thankful heart.

  2. What an incredible wedding video! It just kept getting better and better as it went. No doubt it will be a lifetime memory moment for that couple.

    Once again, great thankful list.


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