Monday, December 7, 2009

That smarts!

So guess who took a face plant in the garage last night? Ouch.

I was carrying four FULL bowls of dog food and was distributing them around the garage per usual so that the animals can all have their dinner in relative peace and I think I snagged my foot on the corner of a dog bed.

Weird thing is I thought I'd only hurt my knee--came down hard on my right knee. But after I got up and in the house, after yelling expletives at the poor doggies who were quite confused by Mommy's spastic flail, I noticed my left arm/shoulder hurting quite badly too. I really have no idea how that happened except that was the arm holding all the bowls and I am sure I clenched up quite mightily to try and diminish the spray of dog food chunks flying about. It sort of worked... I had about three full bowls left to leave with them, and they happily snarfed up the stray food too.

So why am I telling you this? No particular reason other than I am in a constant state of, "Oh, I guess I need my arm to do that" right now--everything from reaching up into a kitchen cabinet to putting my hair into a ponytail, which I neglected to ask husband's help with before he left for work. So now I'm the scarecrow-haired woman who will go through the day with half of her makeup on. How fun for anyone I happen to see. And, I do have to leave the house for a meeting later today, otherwise I'd spare the world that particular treat. I'm thinking I'll put off things like finishing the Christmas tree and anything else that requires full mobility for a few days--Kim, you really might get to help me with it this weekend! I should be able to make the list of "things I can't do" quite long if I really work on it...

But I'm off to see what cracking eggs and beating flourless chocolate cake batter is like one armed. I am SO glad it's my left arm that's dangling limp and loose, not my right! Whew for that.

Oh, and this. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing anything like this today:


  1. right after 'comments' is the word 'stumble it' took that literally. ouch! ouch!

    the dancers are so body says no but my heart says YES!!!

  2. Oh maaaaan! That is just awful, Sher. I am so glad you didn't get more hurt, though.

    Yes, I will decorate your tree. I will do your make-up too!

    But I really, really want to dance like that........

  3. So sorry for your spill, my dear. You sure you don't need medical attention? cold as it is, I could probably bring your frozen tart shells to the office and have your hubby put them in his car. Save you one "to do."

    Take care! Hugs, M.


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